Mulege, Mexico



Feb. 12, 2004, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

Nasty and gnarly describe the fishing water conditions for most of the week here in Mulege. Last weekend as well as Monday and Tuesday weren't too bad and some Mulege fishing boats managed to go out without getting too wet. All the skippers I talked to that went out on Monday went to the 210 north of Santa Inez or to Punta Chivato. Yellowtail were biting live bait at both locations and everyone I talked to came home with plenty of fish.

I went out fishing Tuesday at Isla Santa Inez to see if I could find some "cabrilla" but didn't have any luck. Two other fishing boats from Mulege also got skunked. I didn't stay out too long. The water was a nice 63 degrees and was relatively smooth but the winds were howling out of the north and cut right through my sweatshirt and bibbed slickers. Not a fun day. John Dinning braved the weather the following day and, while he got soaked, he came home with a beautiful yellowtail that was well over 30 pounds.

Later in the week, Marty Robinson, Ken Smith, Bill Hanni and Bill's friend Tom went out to Punta Concepción and then headed south.

A second Mulege fishing boat that went out with Marty headed south to Punta Theresa where Gene Lee, who lives in the Oasis Park in Mulege, caught a 30 pound cabrilla which he said is the largest he's seen down here. He and his fishing partner, who wishes to remain nameless, also caught four other cabrilla. The weather was getting nasty so they decided to call it quits after an hour and a half. They took a beating returning to port and all Gene wanted to do was to fillet the fish and hit a warm shower, so no pictures were taken.

Marty and his group also didn't like the way the weather was shaping up so they stopped at the corral on the way south where they caught 6 nice cabrilla that weighed in at 8 to 15 pounds. Marty said that they did get drenched by a rain storm but they stuck it out to bring home some nice fish. Another group did some jigging near Punta Concepción at a location known as Wilbur's Hole and brought back a full ice chest of yellowtail and a few cabrilla.

Virtually every fishing hole in the Mulege area is yielding a lot of fish if you can get out. Yellowtail are plentiful and they are being caught on live bait, yo-yo, and trolling. Cabrilla and leopard grouper are also plentiful and are best caught trolling MirrOlures, or equivalent, or by casting a Krocodile into one of the many boils where the fish are feeding. Watch for the birds!

We are enjoying typical Mulege winter fishing where, if the weather cooperates, you can catch all the fish you want using whatever method you want. Some work a little better than others but the bottom line is that they all work and you'll catch fish!

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