Mulege, Mexico



Feb. 19, 2005, Mike Massey, Posada Concepcion, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

I just got back from Posada Concepcion. My friend Gerry Moses and myself, and John and Alan trailered down Baja Highway Mex 1 on the 12 & 13th. The road was in excellent condition overall, except for the vados in Catavina and one other town that escapes my memory, which had some water flowing across the road. There is a lot of standing water and mud in many Baja towns with all the rains, which can make pulling off to stop challenging. We saw some cars stuck, so people should use a bit of caution. I have never seen Baja more green than it is right now, and by spring it should be even more beautiful.

We launched the boat Sunday the 13th and fished Monday. We got a late start, but I heard yellowtail were up north, so we headed to Isla Santa Ines off Punta Chivato. We trolled around some Rebels and picked up some barracuda. We saw about 8-10 boats working the "210" about 5 miles north and went to check it out. Pulled up to a couple boats and found out the yellowtail were biting, and several boats were hooked up, some had been rocked, and several 30 pounders were landed.

We did not have any bait and it was about 10:00 or so. We dropped iron for 2 hours without a hit. People with bait were still landing them occasionally. We aren't too smart but it was obvious the next morning we would need to make bait. It was so nice on the water after our winter rains I was happy just to have the sun on my face and a beer in my hand. Air temperatures were in the mid 70's, water 64.5 degrees. Conditions were perfect, with a light breeze and very little chop. We stripped some barracuda and picked up some 2-3 pound bass on the way in.

Tuesday morning we got moving but were delayed a bit getting out. We ran just north of the river to make bait. By the time we got a mix of about 20 spanish and greenback mackerel, it was about 8:00. We ran out to the 210 again with a bit more confidence, since they were biting late anyway the day before. Well not today. A lot of boats were working the area, and those that got there early had been rewarded. The fishing was noticeably slower than the previous day. We fished for a couple hours, got rocked once, but as the boats started leaving one by one, we decided to try another area I know between Punta Chivato and Punta Concepcion in about 320 feet of water. We drifted and Alan was soon hooked up on a nice fish. About fifteen minutes later I gaffed a nice 30 pounder and we knew we had a good dinner ahead of us. I picked up a big bass that inhaled my mackerel, and that was it for the day. Conditions were perfect again on the water.

Wednesday we decided to get a really early start. It is a long run from Posada to the bait stop then the 210, over 25 miles. (We ended up putting almost 200 miles on the boat in three days burning about 100 gallons of fuel in the Cabo.) We headed out in the pitch black using the GPS and radar. The wind was already kicking up and it was noticeably cooler. We cruised at about ten knots until we could see, then got to the bait spot just before dawn. After some searching, we got bait and headed out. We set up on the spot and soon had a triple hookup. I got rocked instantly, John got rocked soon after, but Alan was still on. Soon we had another 30 pounder on the "Tailchaser" deck and were ready for more. John and I each got rocked again. I was starting to get a bit miffed but that's fishing. Unfortunately, the wind and whitecaps were building, and it was really getting rough. We decided to stop at the other spot which is kind of on the way in, where Alan caught his fish Tuesday. It was a rough ride, but after a few drifts we decided to get into the bay, as it was getting very nasty.

We pulled the boat out Thursday and hit the road Friday morning, making Ensenada by 6:00. The week flew by like usual and I am already looking forward to the next trip.

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