Mulege, Mexico



March 21, 2005, Ron Grant, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

I just returned from a 6 day trip to Mulege. The weather good in the high 70s during the day cooling to mid 50s at night. Mulege fishing area water temperatures were in low 60s. The first part of the week brought north winds keeping most Mulege sportfishing boats off the water.

When the wind did break, the fishing got back into full swing. Yellowtail were caught in any direction in the normal Mulege spots. Deep water large fish were around San Marcos Island, with some showing on top around Pta. Conception, Santa Ines Island and Punta Chivato. Jigs will work but live bait works better. Lots of Sierra are around Pta. Conception.

A lot of airplanes were at the Hotel Serenidad for the short flight to the San Ignacio Lagoon to get up close and personal with the whales. The runway is in good condition at both locations.

At Laguna San Ignacio, they have a long dirt runway at the Lagoon which is safe and adequate for most light aircraft. There is no army security of any type at that location. Most all aircraft only spend enough time for the tours and leave. There are a few rental tents at the lagoon for overnight stays but because of the short flight from Mulege, 15 to 20 minutes, from the Cortez side to the Pacific side of Baja, I really have never heard of any aircraft spending the night.

All you have to do is buzz the camps and the guides drive out to the airport and pick you up and take you to their boat location for the tour. I understand from the people returning to Mulege that it's a great whale watching year. Lots of whales and everyone seemed to get to pet the babies.

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