Mulege, Mexico



May 15, 2005, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

Last weekend started out with a bang at Mulege. Almost the whole Mulege fishing fleet went out to the current dorado grounds which is about 14-18 miles "on a 60." That's a 60 degree compass reading, from Mulege, on Saturday and had a blast!

The fish seemed to be concentrated about 4-8 miles east of Punta Concepcion along or around what little scum lines there were.

Dustino and John Dinning found a commercial line strung out that had a huge concentration of bulls, so they trolled along the line. Dustin said they released 14 bulls, but had to keep three that were deeply hooked, one of which was a 40 pounder. Gee, I hate it when that happens! Mulege fishing conditions were perfect, with smooth water with temperatures in the 75 to 76 degree range.

As is typical at Mulege with this time of year, the guys and gals went out to the same spot again on Monday, but few fish were caught. John Dinning did score with another nice fish. Some of the other Mulege sportfishing regulars also brought home a few dorado, and guides Alex and Mateo ran into dorado, but it was only about one per rod. All the action was north near Santa Inez.

Tuesday was a lousy day of fishing at Mulege. I think I was the only one out, although Hank Tussy and Wayne Morrison tried but turned back after about a half-an-hour. Swells were over six feet high so it wasn't pleasant, although I did run into a school of skippies. Lots of bait for my father in law!

Wednesday and Thursday's fishing saw a few dorado stuffed in the ice chests. Dustin, Marty and a few of the other guys headed north to the Santa Inez area and found some.

"Kalamity" Jane Brooks and Valerie O'Shaunghessy of the Pelicano Restaurant went out with Alex on Friday and Jane got her second dodo of the season, a nice 25 pound bull. They were trolling feathers south of Santa Inez. Scotty, chef at the Pelican Reef, did a superb blackened dorado with it!

Also on Friday, a four-boat expedition headed out for Isla Tortuga. Marty Robison, Tom and Patti Higginbotham, John Dinning with John Haberman aboard, and one other boat left Mulege, but Marty and the other boat dropped out around Santa Inez and scored on dorado to about 25-30 pounds. Roger Prahmus was also in the area and he got a small bull. The two John's, and Tom and Patti continued on. They had pretty good luck for their efforts. John Haberman did the big scoring by landing a 125 pound marlin. They said they saw 14-16 billfish out there.

Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day, just like Saturday. The air was in the high 80's and the water was flat and glassy with temperatures in the mid-70s.

Marlin Larsen found a huge school of dorado about 20 miles out and called Dustin and John Haberman over to enjoy the fun. Dustin just told me on the radio that he has a lot of great pictures. Why is it that I always seem to have a community commitment when the dorado show up?

The latest rumor at Santispac is that the beach has been purchased by a developer. Road building has begun and everyone on the beach has been given a 30-day notice to grab their belongings and vacate the premises. This is what I have heard. I have heard the same story from at least three people but not from anyone directly connected with the development.

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