Mulege, Mexico



Sept. 17, 2005, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

Mulege had some great fishing water and weather conditions this week, but very few people here to take advantage of the fishing. We had higher tides at the start of the week and they were tapering off by the end. Good water movement means plenty of food for the fish. Mulege weather has definitely started changing for the better, read cooler, and the water has been like a mirror, at least until the afternoon breezes come up. Even then, we've been getting only a few whitecaps, nothing that would prevent anyone from taking part in an evening fishing trip or even an overnighter.

All the local Mulege sportfishing guides are telling me that their clients are coming back with ice chests full of both dorado and yellowtail if they go for both species. Almost all the yellowtails are up at Isla San Marcos but the dorado are more scattered. Bigger ones are being caught just north of Isla San Marcos and 4-5 miles outside of Isla Santa Inez. Those fish are hitting the 25-30 pound. category regularly.

Smaller dorado are being caught off Punta Concepcion and the yellowfin tuna are where you catch them. The tuna are holding from Isla Tortuga south.

I just got a report that Paul Rista, of Mulege, caught two dorado, the largest was 28-1/2 pounds, and four yellowfin tuna about 12 miles northeast of Punta Concepcion.

Don Hieter, fishing with John Haberman about 8 miles southeast of the slide, which is south of Point Concepcion, landed a nice 10 pound tuna late last week. Others are catching them at most of the regular Mulege spots. John and Don said that they ran into a lot of surface action, boils and frigate birds. With that kind of help, you don't even need a sign to point out the fish! John noted that they caught 10 or so skippies as well. He forgot that I wanted them for bait and he gave them away to others. I stuck a pin in his doll last night!

For those of you who want some fish tacos or ceviche, Mulege triggerfish are holding in deeper water nowadays. My father-in-law has been averaging about 30 kilos of fillets a day from about 85 feet of water off Punta. Concepcion. I won't tell you exactly where but if you go about 1-2 miles WNW of the point and get into 80-85 feet of water, you should be in triggerfish waters. It's a big area so don't worry about exact coordinates.

While cruising the asphalt sloughs of Mulege, I ran into Tom and Sergio Scabuzzo and Mike Choe, who vacation here often. They went spearfishing down at the microwave tower, Tiburon, which is just inside the bay. They said conditions were the best they've ever seen. Nice clear, smooth water with lots of fish holding in the rocks. They brought out some nice pargo and cabrilla for their dinner. I shared my favorite recipe, Pargo Relleno, with them.

That's about it for this week. I noted that Tom and Patti Higgenbotham are back in the area now so we'll definitely have more reports for you next week. For some reason, fish love "Strange Lady"!

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