Mulege, Mexico



Oct. 9, 2005, Rick Barber, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

Otis may have swerved away from Mulege at the last minute, but it left us with the grungies as far as fishing went this week.

"Marginal at best" describes the weather and water conditions around Mulege this week. We had heavy swells the first part of the week that tapered off to moderate by Thursday and we had fairly consistent winds out of the north. Not exactly prime conditions but that didn't stop a few stalwart guys from drowning some bait or dragging feathers around.

On Tuesday, Barron Peterson, Ron Spencer and John Haberman went out in Barron's new Trophy. They said they had a small to moderate chop out about 3 miles off Punta Concepcion. Now if I didn't know these guys personally, I'd probably be pouring a little salt on the following tale but these guys are as straight as they come. Anyway, the story goes that Barron hooked a yellowfin tuna in the 40 pound class and eventually fought it to the boat. John Haberman grabbed the leader and was about to gaff it when a huge blue marlin swam up and inhaled the tuna. The marlin then took off like a bat out of Hell and managed to wrap the line around the out drive, cutting off the fish. No tuna and no marlin! I don't know about those guys but I'm not too sure I want to play with a fish that can inhale a 40 pound yellowfin tuna, at least not in my 15 ft. aluminum boat! Too bad guys.

Three other guys, who went out with Mateo that same day, had better luck. Fishing off the mine, about 3-4 miles south of Punta Concepcion, they landed 3 very nice yellowfin tuna and a marlin. I didn't ask if the billfish was streaming some fresh mono from it's mouth! Anyway, the tuna were in the 40-60 pound class according to Mateo. Another fishing buddy of mine went out in the same area the next day and couldn't dredge up anything, no birds, no dolphin, no tuna and no billfish. Struck out! Skunked! I KNOW the feeling!

Ralph Lane returned to Mulege recently and started right where he left off. On Wednesday, he caught five yellowfin tuna and released three of them. The two he kept weighed in at 52 and 28 pounds. He was fishing about 4 miles off Punta Concepcion at about a 60 degree heading. Didn't miss a beat, did you Ralph?

Two visitors to Mulege went out with a local guide on Friday and boated a 38 pound and 26 pound dorado and three yellowfin tuna, the largest weighing 47 pounds. They found smooth, deep blue water in the mid-80's. More happy customers who will be back!

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