Mulege, Mexico



Oct. 16-23, 2005, Gary Thomas, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Report:

My wife Peggy and I fished at Mulege the 16th, 17th & 18th out of the Hotel Serenidad out of our 22 foot Triumph, "Stingray."

On fishing day one, we caught one 8-9# dorado & one small sailfish. We also caught several of the "blue tuna."

On fishing day two, we caught 5 dorado, the biggest a bull 20# class, and a 12# bull. The rest were 5 pounds or less. More blue tuna, 8 or 9 up to 25#s.

On fishing day three, we got 6 dorado, the biggest a bull 12 pounder & a hen around 8-9 pounds. The rest 5 pounds or less. Thank the Lord, NO BLUE TUNA!

All 3 days we fished the point south to San Nicolas Bay.

Mulege fishing water inshore was from 77.6 to 81.5 degrees. A mile or so offshore on out 8-9 miles it was consistently 80.2 to 81.7 degrees and nice and blue.

Most of the dorado that we caught were around skip jack or the blue tuna, just kind of mixed in. Everything came trolling six shooter jet heads, blue/white, pink/white, bleeding mackerel, but the hot one was Jerry Garcia (purple/black over pink/white).

What is with these blue tuna? We've never seen them before and hopefully won't see them again. In all my years of fishing in Baja, I've probably lost 2 trolling lures. These blue tuna chopped off 7 in 2 days. These things have some serious choppers. When you're fighting 1 and your feather slides up the leader, his buddy comes by and whack, grabs your feather and cuts your leader. They are fun to catch and easy to get to bite. The next time I hear that they're in the area I'll bring wire leader. Everybody we talked to who had tried them said that they were excellent to eat. All of these guys came from at least 1,500 feet of water and were crashing bait. The third day we avoided them because we were out of lures.

On the 17th, Capt. Alex from Serenidad had a real good day. He had limits of dorado for his 3 customers with the smallest being around 20 pounds and the biggest 27-28 pounds. Alex he found them trolling and really cleaned up on bait. Overall, it was a good Mulege trip. Don Johnson was grading, watering and packing the Hotel Serenidad runway when we left.

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