Mulege, Mexico



Nov. 19, 2005, Mike Massey, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

My friend Gerry Moses and I drove down to Mulege on Nov. 12-13, 2005. The road is in great shape all the way to Mulege with no major problems to report.

The first view of the Cortez coming down the Santa Rosalia grade is always a welcome sight. Unfortunately I could see whitecaps forever. I was told by Tom and Patty Higginbotham of Mulege said it blew hard all weekend and the Pelican Bar yellowtail tournament was pretty tough on anyone that fished it, including them.

We dropped the boat in late Monday morning at high tide at our place in Posada Concepcion. We went to the mouth of the bay to look around but the rollers were coming in pretty good and the wind was already up. It was late in the morning so we decided to just cruise around the bay and troll the shoreline with Rapalas. We did this for a couple hours but no luck. At least the beer was cold. We put the boat on the buoy and called it a day. Felt good to be on the water and the temperature was actually very pleasant on shore. Got the boat prepped and ready for the next day.

On Tuesday the wind laid down and we got out fishing early. We trolled around the Punta Concepcion area and spotted a small boil in the distance. We ran over to it and I could clearly see a nice dorado slashing bait. We trolled by him and he took a run at one of the feathers knocking it out of the water but no hookup. This got the blood pumping real quick. We stayed in the area and had the same thing happen a couple more times but no hookups. There was only a couple dorado here and there, all bulls of about 20-30 pounds. No schools of fish and the bulls were not inhaling the lures like they would in July.

We saw another boil and snuck up on it this time. I cast a Krocodile into it and got hit but again it did not get hooked. The fish followed the lure to the boat then turned away. If we had live bait we probably would have got him. Just seeing dorado in this area in November was great and exciting.

The motor began acting funny so we headed back into the bay to investigate. We decided to call it a day not wanting to take any chances of a breakdown. We picked up a couple small pargo inside the bay for lunch at Berthas, cooked whole with the sides slashed--the best. We got the motor problem figured out and were ready for the next day. We would stop and make bait this time.

The wind came up during the night at Mulege and it was blowing hard when we got up Wednesday morning. In fact, the dust was so thick over the water it was hard to see the other side of the bay. No chance at all of going out. Very disappointing since this was a short trip and our last day of fishing. We made the best of it and did some work on the boat and various tasks around the house. As always the food at Berthas, Rays, La Palapa and The Pelican Bar were outstanding.

We left a car in Loreto and flew home Thursday on Alaska. First time I have used them down there. Nice to have another airline besides Aerocal into Loreto. Service and price were good and for an extra $5 you can get a meal. Our flight was delayed about an hour which felt just like Aerocal though! Overall, it was a nice quick trip but too short. We're looking forward to a longer stay next time.

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