Mulege, Mexico



Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2005, Doug Pierson, Bahia Concepcion, Mulege, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

Tin boat trolling in 80 degree water one to three miles inside Bahia Conception has been "good" to "great" for sierra and small dorado. "Baja Bob" Cody joined me for three days and we Gregored our way to fish heaven!

A very moldy dead seal attracted quite a school of dorado, producing even double hookups as we circled the carcass for a hour.

Other than that one school at the dead sea, all the other dorado taken were singles and every single was taken on our one and only white and blue Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow.

I fished 20 pound conventional tackle but Bob went for 30 pound just in case a big one came along. The dorado at the dead seal were not as picky as the singles and they also hit a silver and black Rebel spoonbill, our regular sierra killer.

Trolling the shoreline rocks in six foot to 14 foot of water produced spotted bay bass, spotted cabrilla, barred pargo, yellowtail snapper and one lonely two pound corvina. Shore casting at Las Naranjos produced good sundown catches including what we believe to be a true sea snake!

Morning winds on Bahia Concepcion started from the south but invariably switched to the north and most days by 11 a.m. we were blown clear off the water.

November 6-17, 2005, Los Naranjos shore fishing report:

Average fishing water temperatures have been 79 degrees. Some nice days, some days calm until 10 or 11 a.m. and some days nortes blasting all day long. No matter what the winds were doing shore casting off the rocks at Las Naranjos produced 15 fish per hour for me on cut bait. Of course the predominant fish were spotted bay bass. The other species were barred pargo, triggerfish, shortfin corvina, yellowtail snappers and assorted others. Six pound puffer fish gave me trouble biting off my specially tied 80 pound test leaders.

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