Mulege, Mexico



Sept. 1, 2006, Rick Barber, Mulege town and fishing report, Baja, Mexico:

Right now, Mulege is experiencing cloudy and muggy conditions with no wind and no rain. La Paz is starting to rain rather heavily, so it's moving our way.

We are at the extreme northern edge of the hurricane watch. I have taken some preliminary precautions. I am going to leave my weather station operational as long as possible and it will be shut down only in the event of a major power failure or flooding at the house.

Mulege is expecting some rain but not a lot. This is good news for those who live in the "flatlands" next to the river. Flash flooding conditions are possible. With any appreciable rain in the hills, we're outta here.

In recent Mulege fishing this week, I had a couple of buddies visiting, Bill Kelly, from Riverside, and Dave Roz, from Parker, Colorado. They towed their 19 foot Polar fishing machine down on Monday and fished Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Both these guys are serious fishing addicts.

On Tuesday, they ran into beautiful 84-degree blue water 2 to 4 miles off Punta Concepción. They also ran into a dead turtle that had a billion or two dorado swimming underneath it. They had nonstop action for a couple of hours before they returned to the harbor dead tired. They boated four nice bull dorado in the 20 to 25 pound class and Bill said they caught and released 25 to 30 more dorado.

Wednesday and Thursday were very fishable with calm waters and gentle breezes. The water, however, turned green overnight and the fish weren't as plentiful.

I went out in Barquito on Wednesday to join the guys but we couldn't locate the turtle again. We did manage to find some scum lines and bagged a few more dorado for the ice chests. Dave and I got a matching pair of 22 pound bulls. A couple of other buddies were fishing a bit south of us off the slide and they were doing well also. One other friend, who was fishing about 15 miles off the Point, scored heavily on both Wednesday and Thursday.

With the barometer dropping due to an approaching hurricane and the probability of windy conditions on Friday, the guys cut their trip short by a day and returned home. They left with a very full ice chest and some wonderful memories.

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