Mulege, Mexico



Nov. 14, 2006, Ron Grant, Mulege, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

I just returned from Mulege. The weather was great. Daytime temperatures are holding in the upper 80s, and nights are down to the lower 70s. Water temperatures are beginning to cool to the middle 70s.

Dorado are still in the Mulege area but they are a little harder to find. Pulling feathers, of any color, should find the fish. Cut and live bait is working well once the dorado are located. They will even hit iron, and chrome seems to work the best. You should have no problem getting dorado limits.

I also noted a few billfish fins in area, mostly sailfish.

The fishing area of choice out of Mulege would be 60 to 65 degrees off the lighthouse, and 12 to 18 miles out. This will put you off the Point of Conception (Punta Concepción) down to the mine area, and out about 5 to 8 miles.

The runway at Mulege's Hotel Serenidad is good condition. Business is slow at Mulege but picking up as most winter residents are coming back into the area. Most suffered damage from the big storm and are finding little left to salvage.

A new search started Monday for the missing aircraft of Gary and Peggy Thomas. I noted 12 aircraft and one helicopter. The search was organized by the Baja Bush Pilots at the request of Peggy's father who is offering a reward of $50,000 for anyone that finds something.

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