Puerto Santo Tomas, Mexico



Aug. 29, 2004, Sam Saenz, Puerto Santo Tomas Resort, Santo Tomas, Mexico Fishing Report:

Puerto Santo Tomas weather conditions are now typical summer with no wind in the morning and moderate to heavy winds in the afternoon, but still making fishing practical. However the ocean swells and undertow conditions have changed and this has affected the bottom fishing catch significantly but not the surface bite.

Santo Tomas Bottom Fishing: The bottom slowed down, only one panga came back with the usual full limit catch , the rest came back with fish , but not to the usual standards.

Santo Tomas Surface Fishing: The surface bite is still on around the Soledad Reef, with plenty of boats from ensenada and San Diego fishing the area. The best catch came from David Burgos, and Hector Lopes, they landed eight yellowtail up to 25 pounds as reported this Sunday.

Santo Tomas Fishing Midnight Adventure:

Two of Dennis Spike kayak fishing acquaintances came fishing this week end, by the time they came back late in the evening they became separated and lost contact.

One kayak got full of water, and under the prevailing wind condition could not cut into the PST cove. Consequently at midnight under the full moon we send out a search and rescue pangquero looking for the kayaker. They never found him.

However all is well; as he drifted south and managed to beach his kayak south of Punta China and slept a few hours on the beach and made it back safely to Puerto Santo Tomas this morning (a life time adventure).

Once again this points out the importance of close communication between fishing kayakers while at sea to avoid accidents. In the meantime for us here on shore, when someone is lost at midnight, we are faced with what to do? As there is no coast guard or phones in this remote area. We are happy that he returned back safely as his buddy hated to call the USA coast guard and to tell his family that he was lost at sea or in the Baja wilderness.

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