Puerto Santo Tomas, Mexico



July 8, 2005, Ken Jones, Puerto Santo Tomas, Mexico Fishing Report:

I went down fishing at Puerto Santo Tomas right before the July 4th holiday and caught a nice assortment of rockfish and bottom fish. The wind was howling and the seas were choppy and it was not easy fishing by any means.

I also took the trails north out of Sam Saenz's enclave and caught a few cabezon for dinner. Once again, it was NOT easy fishing as the waves were crashing and the wind was roaring. A couple of things to remember if you take that trail is that it is rattlesnake country and to beware of the cactus. The trail is slightly overgrown and it would be very easy to snag a leg. Long pants are recommended. There was no surface action yet, but Sam said a few Barracuda had been caught recently.

Also, I was stopped again by Tijuana's finest motorcycle cops on a trumped up citation. This is the third visit in a row I have been stopped and I am getting sick of it. Not to mention the cost. The cop had the same banter, the same story line, and the same condescending attitude. I drive a simple Toyota truck and I respect the land and people of Mexico at all times. And believe me, after twice in a row, I was driving like an old lady. These jerks are not only ripping off the citizens of TJ by not protecting them and harassing the gringos, but they are doing a disservice to the country and city in general. If anybody has any thoughts, ideas, or whom to write to about this please contact me at Ken Jones, accsafety@earthlink.net. It is no longer a funny situation and not something to simply excuse or say, "Oh, that is just Mexico." I have driven tens of thousands of miles all over northern Baja with no trouble, and yet, here I get stopped three times in a row on the same few miles between the border crossing and the toll road.

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