Puerto Santo Tomas, Mexico



June 9-11, 2006, Gilbert Bautista, family fishing trip to Puerto Santo Tomas Resort, Mexico:

Eleven of my family went down to Puerto Santo Tomas, Baja California, Mexico, for a little get away weekend.

On Friday, June 9th, three of my cousins went out fishing on an inflatable raft. They caught 15 assorted rock fish and lost a couple of unknown whoppers within an hour. They fished around the point at Puerto Santo Tomas in 30-60 feet of water. The bait used was frozen squid and a variety of plastics. The biggest fish was a red caught by Isaiah Bautista.

On Friday we caught a total of 15 brown rock fish. The weather at Puerto Santo Tomas was rainy and overcast at noon, clear and sunny by afternoon and breezy in the evening.

Fishing on Saturday, June 10th, Capt. Marcos of Puerto Santo Tomas Resort took out four from our party on his panga. They left at 8 a.m. and went to the area of Soledad Reef, fished in 50-90 feet of water, and were back in by 12:30 p.m. They caught a very nice assortment of red rockcods, brown rockcods, whitefish and a couple of lingcod. The bait used was frozen squid but the killer bait was plastic tails. The biggest fish was a 5 pound red rockcod caught by Chris Chacon. Jeremiah Bautista added two very nice lingcod to the count.

On Saturday we caught a total of 20 red rockfish, 10 brown rockfish and 2 lingcod. Puerto Santo Tomas weather was overcast in the a.m., sunny and very nice in the afternoon. It was breezy in the early evening and calm at night.

Sunday, June 11th saw three more go out and they fished with Capt. Marcos in the same area as the day before. They left at 7 a.m. as the rest of the party was leaving Puerto Santo Tomas. They later reported that they did well on the reds and other rockfish but scored on nine ling od, I was told the record was ten lingcod in one day. They were back in by 12:30 p.m. The big fish was again caught by Isaiah Bautista. It was a good weekend for fishing and our thanks go out to Capt. Marcos, Sam and the rest of his staff at Puerto Santo Tomas Resort.

Fishing on Sunday we caught a total of 12 reds, 5 brown rockfish and 9 lingcod. Weather was partly cloudy in the a.m. at Santo Tomas, and it burned off quickly, and was very nice during the day. When the wind was blowing the ocean was a little lumpy. Other than that, it was fairly smooth and fishable. Water temperatures felt like low 60's.

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