Puerto Santo Tomas, Mexico



July 12, 2006, Shawn Boyd, Baja road trip to fish at Puerto Santo Tomas:

We arrived at Puerto Santo Tomas on June 30, 2006, after a couple of beer stops and wondering if we were on the right washboard road. After about 25 minutes we spotted the marine layer over a mountain or 2. We decided to push on. Finally we were sure we were there. The insane ocean view along the winding dirt road had us in awe.

We arrived at the peach colored arches that reassured us that we had taken the right turn off Baja's Mex 1 highway.

We were greeted by a nice senorita by the name of Vicki. She directed us to where we would be enjoying our camping adventure. After about five minutes of tripping out about how amazing our location was, Sam Saenz of Puerto Santo Tomas Resort greeted us with a cerveza and a few kind words and reassuring us about our Panga for the next morning.

He said you have Rapalas? We said no. No problem I have some you can borrow.

We were the only guests at this time and he asked if we were hungry. There no problem opening the cantina and laying out a massive spread. We were in awe. The food was rice, veggies and fresh lingcod. We arranged for coffee and lunch to be provided for the next morning. Coffee was on the spot as well was the burritos for the lunch on the panga.

We watched our panga captain prepare the panga as he scooped the water overboard before his arrival at the ramp. We loaded our gear and off we went. Awesome view and the oceans were allowing us to enjoy the ride. We decide to troll. About a mile out we got a strike. Boom we were on. My girlfriend was hooked up to her first yellowtail. Landed it. Off we go! Trolling. 8 a.m., we're on again. The biggest bonito I've ever seen. I'm a captain out of San Diego and I was in awe.

We trolled for a few more Bonito and then the captain indicated that we would be bottom fishing. Okay we said, we'll give it a shot. Nothing worth bragging about we said no mas let's troll. We grabbed a couple more bonitos, great fight but no Yellowtail.

The captain once again indicated we would be bottom fishing. Again we were not excited. The captain said he was low on fuel. What? Whatever, let's go in.

We cleaned our fish and went back to an amazing campsite with great friends and a good day on the water. We landed about 20 different fish and had the most relaxing trip we could've imagined.

It was a little windy at the end of the day but seemed too lay down by early morning.

We are going back in 3 weeks to enjoy it again. You got too check this place out. My advice is too bring your own food, bring bait, squid, Rapalas, feathers, cedar plug. Camping was $5 dollars per person per nite. Awesome deal. If the cabins are vacant and the weather or wind is not perfect they will give you a deal on a cabin. It is 158 miles from our driveway in Carlsbad, San Diego, Calif. I can not believe that nobody knows about this old school Mexico get away 1 hour south of Ensenada.

A kayaker's dream. The kelp beds are a dream. I promise. Make sure when you reserve your Panga that you you indicate what type of fishing you want to experience. Bottom or surface. Make sure you indicate that the panga have a full tank of gas. I promise you will have a trip of a lifetime. Sam, thanks for everything.

We fished 1 day on a panga. Our fish species count was 1 yellowtail 14 lbs, 5 reds, 10 Bonitos, 2 lings, 1 sculpin, 10 sugar bass. We fished around the rocks the next day and caught a lot of bass. The rocks are rigid and have a lot of sea life in cracks and tide pools. I found out about Puerto Santo Tomas about 4 years ago and finally made the short journey.

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