Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Sept. 12, 2004, Kurt Hjort, Esperanza Sportfishing, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing:

I couldn't report last week, as the magnificent Puerto Vallarta thunderstorms played havoc on my modem and had to get a new one installed. The fishing activity here in Puerto Vallarta has slowed somewhat. The fact is that just not many boats are chartered at Puerto Vallarta in the month of September.

Those going out are still finding very big yellowfin tunas and a good mix of black and blue marlin at the corbetena rock and el banco.

Dorados in the 20-30 lb. class made a good showing this last week about 4-7 miles outside the bay along a big current line that set up. They fell easily for trolled mullets or slow trolled goggle eyes and many multiple hookups were reported.

From now through November, Puerto Vallarta will see lots of sailfish as evidenced by the massive showing the last few days just outside the Marietta Islands and El Moro rock. Wednesday the bite started and many sails were caught and released, but more troubling is that more were kept than released. Yes these fish are fine for the table, but they are a much better opponent when encountered in the water instead of the grill.

We encountered various pods of sails on Sat while fishing aboard the private sportfisher "DORADO KID", but we had wahoo on our minds and opted to leave the guys alone. We did end up with a decent wahoo bite at corbetena and landed three and had our skipjack cut in half by many others. They can be caught using live skipjack trolled slow, or rapalas and marauders trolled fast along the rock.

I haven't heard any reports on Puerto Vallarta roosterfish action lately but plan on checking it out myself this coming week.

Puerto Vallarta fishing water temps are still in the mid to high 80s and blue water can be found just outside the bay and on the south side of the bay. Lots of late afternoon thunderstorms and heavy rain squalls, but just the norm for this time of year.

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