Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Sept. 12, 2004, John Gabruk, Master Baiters Sportfishing, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Big Tuna Forecast:

Wide Open Giants in Puerto Vallarta.

Giant Yellowfin Tuna invade Puerto Vallarta, AGAIN!

In case any of you have been in Hibernation and haven't heard the rumors about the Giant Yellowfin Tuna in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Well, They're not rumors, they're all true! And it's wide open on "Giants", right now! At both Corbetena and El Banco (The Bank).

The biggest Yellowfin Tuna in the world live right here in my back yard, Puerto Vallarta! And it's wide open!

Here in Puerto Vallarta (P.V.) a Yellowfin doesn't earn the title "Giant" until it reaches 300 lb or more. A 200 pounder is a small fish at this time of the year here in Puerto Vallarta. For a look at this week's catch, or for the past few months check out www.mbsportfishing.com. There you will find recent photos of what is happening right now in this Mexican Paradise.

The next world record Yellowfin WILL be caught here in Puerto Vallarta. This is a fact. We have weighed fish in over 400 lbs. But that was on uncertified scales. One was 412 lbs, in August!

Fishing for Giants in Puerto Vallarta can be done on one day or overnight trips. Two hours after leaving the Marina, you are right on top of them. Bridle a skippy or football Tuna, put them out and get ready to get bit!

Double hookups are common. When that happens, we just stop the boat and go for it. Single strikes give us the ability to back down on the fish, some say that makes it a lot easier. Maybe so on recovering line from the initial run, then they go down! That's when the pressure gets turned up. I've seen a lot of "Giant " killers "die" (give up and pass the rod).

Puerto Vallarta Giants can be fished on a weekend get away with very little preparation or expense. Or spend the week with the family and experience beautiful Puerto Vallarta and have the fishing trip of a lifetime.

(See "Mexico Fishing News" online for current fishing reports, photos, weather, and water temperatures from Puerto Vallarta and other major Mexican sportfishing areas. Vacation travel articles, fishing maps and seasonal calendars, and fishing related information for Puerto Vallarta may be found at Mexfish.com's main Puerto Vallarta page.