Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Oct. 1, 2004, Stan Vath, Tinknocker, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

We got to Puerto Vallarta last Saturday after a 10-day trip down CA and Baja. We had to wait a couple days in SD for hurricane Javier to clear out.

The run down was great with stops at San Quintin for sandbass and WSB. Then on to Jeronomo, Turtle Bay, Mag Bay and on to Puerto Vallarta. School size YFT and 30-40 lb. Dorado were wide open on the ridge. Kept one each for the galley. Larry Thompson, Dennis Thompson and Bob Dawson are presently on the boat with me.

The following is from my daily Puerto Vallarta fishing log:

09-28-04 We left Paradise Village Marina dock at 0430 and headed to Marina Vallarta to buy some Caballitos. Then headed out to Roca Corbetania to check it out for Skipjack and troll around a bit. Not much happening so we headed for El Banco. Just as we were leaving the rock, Dennis Thompson caught a 50 lb. Wahoo on a marauder. Arrived at El Banco at 1430 hrs and caught a 102 lb. YFT on a Caballito. Bob Dawson also caught a 118 lb. YFT on a Caballito. We also caught 2 sailfish which we released successfully. We were talking with Josh on “PRIME TIME” a 28’ Grady White most of the day. He also caught a Wahoo, Dorado and released a Sailfish. His client was on a Giant YFT for over 2 hours before they lost it. What a heartbreak. Had a great evening anchored on El Banco having a couple Captain Morgans & Coke in the cockpit before we hit the sack. The weather was beautiful. What a great day.

09-29-04 We fished hard on the hook all morning chunking, live bait, rainbow runners and the helium balloon with the Yummee Flying Fish. Unfortunately we had no luck. We pulled anchor at 1400 hrs and had 100 –150 lb. YFT jumping and foaming all around us. We could see them chasing Skipjack in mid air. It was quite a show but they would not bite for us. We planned to stay another night but the wind and swell came up so rather than have a lumpy night we headed back to the marina. We will be back out in a couple days.

We are exploring the river with our tender trying to catch a snook. JOSH on PRIME TIME came in yesterday and had 3 YFT that appeared to be 80 to 100 lbs., a Wahoo and a Dorado. Will report after our next trip out to the tuna grounds. Waiting the moon out a little in hopes the Puerto Vallarta bite will turn on as it is spotty right now.

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