Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Oct. 30, 2004, Stan Vath, Tinknocker, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

We are going out again today for overnight. Stan & Sandy Vath, Larry Thompson, Bob Dawson, Don Burnside and Jason Fleck (Chef on the EXCEL).

Oct. 27, 2004: Left Puerto Vallarta at 0400 hrs. for the fishing grounds and tried to make Caballitos with no luck due to a full moon. We still had about 25 in the bait tank.

Bob hooked a triple on Skipjack and the real fishing started. We trolled live Skipjack all morning at Roca Corbetena and got nothing.

At about 1100 hrs. we anchored on a high spot on a ridge that runs off the Rock. We fished and rested until about 1500 hrs and then started to look around for Skipjack. Larry put us on the right stuff and we got several and started to slow troll again. We did see some tuna jumping but they were the 50-lb. stuff.

Then as it happens the starboard rigger goes off and I grab the rod let it run, go to strike and pull the circle hook into place. It takes a good run and we have finally hooked the better grade of yellowfin tuna. After a 15-minute battle Jason and Don gaff the tuna. Bob puts a third one in and we haul it over the side. It weighs 173.1 lbs. on the IGFA Scalemaster scale. Our best to date.

About a minute after the knock down the port rigger goes off and Bob has a fish on that turns out to be a 52.2 lb. Pargo that ate a Skipjack.

Don puts out a balloon with a Caballito which is promptly inhaled by a 121.6 Yellowfin Tuna.

Jason puts out another balloon and gets nailed with a 104.5 lb. YFT.

It’s starting to get dark so I put out a fly lined Caballito which is bit in just a few minutes. I just get straight up and down and Bob hooks another yellowfin tuna on the fly lined Caballito. They weigh 116.7 lbs. and 126.0 lbs. respectively.

We ice down the fish, clean the cockpit and head for Puerto Vallarta's Paradise Village Marina. Got back to the dock at 0030 hrs. the next morning. 93 KM.

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