Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Nov. 6, 2004, Capt. Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

Flying fish showed in big numbers offshore at Puerto Vallarta this week and the tuna and dorado (also mahi-mahi or dolphinfish) were all over them. Puerto Vallarta water temperatures continue to hover around 85.1 - 86 degrees and the blue water continues to inundate the bay and surrounding high spots. Winds were a little on the "moderate" side this past week, but the billfish and big tuna sure didn't seem to mind. The current has been from the NW but today it switched to SW.

Giant tuna continue to provide spectacular fishing for lucky Puerto Vallarta anglers fishing on the right boats who know how to catch them. Live bait is absolutely necessary to catch these fish and anglers should know this in advance...If you're looking to target these world-record potential giants make sure your captain and crew have an abundant supply of live bait before you leave the marina...Don't just rely on catching skipjack once you get out to the fishing grounds.

Black marlin have arrived at Puerto Vallarta, and this week there have been some nice fish caught, but unfortunately more are getting killed than released and this MUST CHANGE, or we will be sitting out there in our boats in a few years talking about how good the old days used to be. The other day at Marina Vallarta we saw 7 sailfish hanging dead. Those Puerto Vallarta fishing captains might as well string themselves up by their own necks next to their sailfish and marlin because in all reality they're slitting their own throats. It's pathetic that these "captains and crews" call themselves professionals.

On a happier note the dorado are just about everywhere including 2 to 3 miles outside the Puerto Vallarta marina. Most are 20 pounders but some are topping 50 and what a great fish to add to the variety.

Pressure out there is increasing as the annual Puerto Vallarta sailfish tournament draws near and I am debating whether or not to full-out protest the outright slaughter of billfish that happens down here at full speed every year during the tournament. Puerto Vallarta is such a magical place to fish and the fact that people are so ignorant about preserving it is a crime. So if you are coming down please, please, please make sure you are adamant about practicing catch and release on billfish and if you're not using circle hooks while live bait fishing you should be. Be responsible and we will be enjoying these days forevermore.

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