Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



March 12, 2005, Gal Hever, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

I just got back from a short trip to Puerto Vallarta.

To put it mildly, things SUCK! Friday and Saturday were pretty much scratch days by Puerto Vallarta fishing and Prime Time Adventure's Capt. Josh's standards.

We saw acres and acres of tuna, but they were mostly sunbathing. Friday we fished Puerto Vallarta inshore with Lora and his panga, no roosters, got short bit by a nice size Pargo, caught some skippies, some some schoolie dodos but otherwise, it was uneventful.

Capt Josh and Shrek headed offshore of Puerto Vallarta for fishing with a couple from the San Diego area. ZERO fish for them as well. To make things worse, the boys stayed up ALL NIGHT the night before trying to catch some Cabbies, so not only is the tuna fishing at Puerto Vallarta bad, the bait fishing is just as bad. No explanations could be formulated.

On Saturday, My buddy Matt and I were on the first inaugural trip aboard the 30 foot Bertram owned by Coco and Twiggy. We headed for El Banco, and NO LIFE, I mean NONE, no birds, no fish...nothing. We stuck around for a while and eventually the tuna came up, but again, LOCK JAW. Capt J's boat was the first to nail a runt Tuna of 20 pounds. He'd use it for bait on ordinary Puerto Vallarta fishing days, but humbly collected it for the clients since the outlook was bleak.

On our boat, we missed an estimated 30-40 pound tuna that hit our cabbie off the balloon. The fish were all over. Lora kept pointing them to me, under the water, black shadows, but they were not biting. We stayed on the water and worked our butts off, and finally it paid off with a 20 pound cow Dorado and then another little 30 yellowfin tuna. On a day like this, you have to accept your defeat, be happy with the little table fare you collected, and go back to your home where you belong.

We got back in and Matt and I told Josh we'd be happy to help he and Shrek catch bait. We did manage to boat around 14 cabbies, but damn, that is about 86 less than what the boys usually make in an hour, and we were out there for 3 or 4.

Anyways, the fishing sucked, the company was great, and the surfing was amazing, 12 footers on Friday.

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