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May 30, 2005 Gary Graham, Baja On The Fly, Abel Fly Fishing Trip to Clipperton Atoll out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

In what has been described as the “ultimate bluewater fly-fishing adventure,” tackle manufacturer and multiple IGFA World Record holder Steve Abel is sponsoring a trip to Clipperton Atoll in April, 2006, out of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The trip, aboard the 92-foot Shogun, is limited to 16 anglers.

The Shogun will depart San Diego, Calif., on April 9; arrive in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, April 13 and head for Clipperton Atoll about 11 a.m. on April 14. Anglers may choose to ride the Shogun from San Diego or meet the vessel in Puerto Vallarta.

On the return voyage, the Shogun arrives in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, around dawn on April 27, then on to San Diego three days later. Anglers may depart the boat in Cabo and fly home or ride it all the way back.

The atoll, a French possession, is considered by many to have the greatest concentration of sport fish in the world. On his first fishing trip to Clipperton some five years ago, Abel caught a World Record rainbow runner on his very first cast. The island has been virtually untouched by fly-fishers.

“This could be your chance for a World Record in different tippet size categories for yellowfin tuna, wahoo, rainbow runner, bluefin trevally, dorado (mahi-mahi) and other sport fish,” said Abel. “We fully expect to break the 100-pound mark on yellowfin,” he continued.

Shogun crew members will net and release the abundant tuna whenever possible, but anglers will be permitted to bring tuna, wahoo and other food-fish back home in the 20-ton refrigerated hold should they so desire.

All potential IGFA World Record catches will be verified by certified scales.

“We will utilize three methods of fishing, with all anglers alternating: directly off the Shogun, from three ocean-going skiffs and by going ashore and casting onto the lagoon,” said Abel.

Anglers will be brought ashore to walk the coral atoll only when wind and surf conditions permit it. “Otherwise it will be two anglers to a skiff alternating with those on deck of the Shogun,” said Abel.

The boat will carry some 350 scoops of anchovy and or sardine chum and will stop along the Baja California (Mexico) coast for small mackerel to entice the big tuna close enough to reach with a flyrod.

Multiple 10-, 12- and 14-weight rod and reel outfits are recommended by Abel.

Anglers wishing to meet the boat in Puerto Vallarta, but not deal with tackle and planes, may ship their gear to the Shogun in San Diego via UPS or FedEx where it will be loaded aboard the boat. Similar arrangements can be made for the return trip.

Those wishing to keep tuna or wahoo can arrange for the fish to be canned or smoked in San Diego.

Cost of the trip is $5,875 cash or check, $6,080 by credit card. Payment is to be made to the Shogun, not Abel. Included in the charter cost are double occupancy rooms in Puerto Vallarta, all meals and beverages aboard the Shogun, all customs clearances (San Diego, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas), and Mexican fishing permits. Not included is airfare and any ground transportation.

There is no charge for anglers wishing to ride the Shogun from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta and/or from Clipperton to Cabo San Lucas and back to San Diego.

For complete information, itinerary and trip application, call Steve Abel or Jeff Patterson at 866 511 7444 or e-mail info@abelreels.com.

For additional information: bajafly@bajafly.com, 800-919-2252 or 760-746-7260; Mexico, 011-52-624-141-0373.

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