Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



June 2, 2005, Jon Schwartz, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

I just had a fun fishing trip at Puerto Vallarta with Kurt Hjort of Esperanza Sportfishing again.

The roosterfish are here, and we managed to get a large one in, revive it, and I farmed out another one. I think I am going to come back when the tuna are going off, as the bite goes all the way through November. I highly recommend Kurt for fishing at Puerto Vallarta. He's a great guy and very client friendly.

We fished Wednesday, as well as Monday. The sky was hazy, with some moderate winds until the afternoon, when they increased somewhat. Water temperature was 76 degrees. Sea conditions were calm in morning, with moderate chop in afternoon on return.

The Corbetena, the offshore sea mount 35 miles out, was not happening, nor was El Banco, 50 miles out, so we fished off of Las Marietas Islands, off of Los Muertes, both of these about 20 miles offshore, small islands with caves on them, rocky outcroppings in the middle of the ocean.

Bait is plentiful at Puerto Vallarta now, goggle eyes were available at marina as always, giant schools of jack crevalle were circling 10 yards offshore but they were just not in feeding mode.

Tuna are not yet happening at Puerto Vallarta. Kurt continually put me on the fish but it was just one of those times when the fish were in that schooling mode, when you can toss a bait literally into a school of several hundred toros and they ignore it. It seems in several weeks this place will be producing big time.

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