Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Prime Time Fish Photo 1

AWESOME DAY--Fishing with Prime Time Adventures at Puerto Vallarta produced a couple of 260-pound class yellowfin tuna for Jeff Ackerman and Greg Nowfel of Michigan, and a 190-pound "rat" for Prime Time deckhand Shrek (left). Photo courtesy Josh Temple.


Sept. 10, 2005, Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

Greg and Jeff made the annual fishing pilgrimage to Puerto Vallarta.

Last year we had an epic Puerto Vallarta fishing trip in early October with wahoos a plenty, huge dodo's, sails, and of course GIANT TUNA.

This year we nailed 200 plus pounders every day, except for day 3, because by then the group shared the consensus that...if it's not clearly over 250 what's the point in killing it?

We're having a ton of fun out there, and when you're from Michigan and you're releasing 200 pound class fish you know you're doing something.

Fishing yesterday, Terry and Team Canada were at it again, the problem being putting a 200 plus pound fish on the deck. For 3 seasons now Terry's fished with me and for various reasons we just can't crack the shell. The day before Terry cracks his first 200 plus on the Marla with Danny and today again with a real pig with Manny on the Yolaray, but yesterday with Team Canada...no dice. We shank two good chances at cows and for no apparent reason. Apparently we are saving up for something special.

Fishing today, we had a first timer from SD and Michael came through with honors. Immediately after catching bait we had a huge behemoth chase our poor super skipjack all the way to the motors boiling like mad on him the whole way. Did we hook the fish?. No, but was it the best bite of the season thus far? Unquestionably, yes.

After a few more savage attacks we score two nice big yellowfin tuna and get the release on the second one.

Nat Hill shows up for tomorrow and then we have the Pelagic Offshore Gear boys, Mike and Ron, for 3 straight so you can bet your britches there's gonna be some shenanigans going on out there.

Puerto Vallarta fishing water is still puke green but we're all catching fish out there...and big ones.

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