Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Sept. 13, 2005, Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

The blue fishing water is back and the fish went Richter.

The Pelagic Offshore Gear boys showed up at Puerto Vallarta and brought the blue water with them. What a relief after 2 weeks of fishing puke green sludge. The fish bit, so no complaints, but blue water is much better.

On fishing day one with the Pelagic boys we miss the first 6 bites in a row.

Not 5 minutes later Ron sticks a pig and it's off to the races with Ron and Mike's first cow which later weighs out at 225.

On Puerto Vallarta fishing day two and today, Shrek whiffs on the first 3 bites and then connects with a solid 180 to 200 pounder which he whoops in less than 15 minutes, and we score a clean release.

We make 2 nice baits and a big one detonates, and game on with my first fish of the year, and after 1 hour with over 60 pounds of drag, we boat my 275.

Lora's up next and we can't make bait so we go to the kite and balloon and get detonated on again not 100 feet from the boat by a real pig. In less than 30 minutes, Lora's first Puerto Vallarta cow hits the deck, 291 pounds.

We borrow a scale right there out on the water from the 40 Cabo Karma and weigh those puppies up.

Puerto Vallarta fishing water is hovering between 88 and 92 degrees. There's more bait showing up daily and I saw this morning that the blue water is making its way down quickly.

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