Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Sept. 22, 2005, Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

Puerto Vallarta fishing has slowed down a little bit with the passing of the full moon, and as the green waters that have plagued us for the better part of this season so far continue their stay.

Water temperatures in the Puerto Vallarta sportfishing area are hovering between 88 and 92 degrees, and the big baits out at some of the high spots have disappeared so we've been going back to the caballitos and blue runners.

We are continuing to catch yellowfin tuna, but with the average size now down to around 100 pounds it's a little disappointing compared with the way the fishing's been over the last month and a half.

Blue water seems unable to make it down past the Maria islands northwest of our most productive Puerto Vallarta fishing high spots. I've never seen the green water at Puerto Vallarta this time of year, let alone have it hang around for almost 2 months.

We just finished filming with Dennis Braid and despite the lack of real huge tunas we had a great trip that started off with a big black marlin release not 5 minutes into our first morning. Fishing with Dennis is always great as he brings a ton of knowledge and experience and we learn something from him each and every time he comes down. Puerto Vallarta weather could have cooperated a little more, but you've just go to make the best of it.

Weather the storm systems moving up the coast well offshore of Puerto Vallarta are causing higher than average swells and wind for this time of year and fishing has been a tough go out there in terms of weather. Everything is cyclical, particularly fishing and weather, so we're all just hoping for things to get back to normal around here. When you're used to amiable conditions and superb fishing, anything but perfection tends to get you down.

We start fishing with Chris Fischer and ESPN tomorrow so hopefully things will pick up when the cameras start rolling. Wish us luck and send that blue water down this way!

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