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Sept. 29, 2005, Josh Temple, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 2005 Cow Town Tuna and Marlin Fishing Tournament Information:

Within 50 miles of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, lie two of the most prolific offshore fishing banks in the world: Corbetena Rock and El Banco. Each year these high spots reward multiple anglers with yellowfin exceeding 300 pounds and marlin of grander proportions.

Puerto Vallarta and nearby Nuevo Vallarta, located approximately five miles north of Puerto Vallarta, offers some of the finest resorts and marinas in Mexico. It is a popular destination for cruisers and sportfishers from the United States and Canada. The logistics of travel to Puerto Vallarta are simple and easy as the modern international airport serving the area is a ten-minute cab ride away. Ample services for boaters, including fuel, parts and boat yards are all available.

The Hunt 4 Giants Tournament Series is committed to promoting the health of the fisheries off Puerto Vallarta. As much of the fishing in and around the offshore banks of Puerto Vallarta involves live bait. Hunt 4 Giants is requiring all participants to use circle hooks for live and dead bait fishing. We believe the use of circle hooks lessens the number of gut hooked fish and allows for the opportunity to release fish in a better condition.


October 28 & 29, 2005.

1. Tournament entry fee shall be $1,650.00 USD per team payable at time of registration.

2. Optional daily jackpot of $100 per day for both tuna and marlin release are available to interested teams. The optional daily jackpots are winner take all format. Jackpots are 90% payback. If no qualifying daily tuna or marlin release jackpot fish are caught on day one then the jackpot shall roll day to day two. If no qualifying tuna or marlin releases occur on either day than jackpot fees will be returned to respective teams.

3. Each team may have up to a maximum five anglers. No limit to non-fishing crew or guests. One team member shall be designated as Team Captain. Team Captain must report to mandatory Captains meeting on Oct 27th.

4. Teams may substitute boats if necessary provided Tournament Control is notified before the commencement of the respective fishing day.

5. IGFA rules will apply in the Tournament unless specifically modified in this document. IGFA rules are incorporated herein by reference.

6. Non-Team members (deckhands, mates, captains) may handle all equipment but may not set hooks on fish and then hand the rod off to a Team member. Any fish caught while a non-Team member is bringing in or letting out a line is disqualified. Non-Team members may assist in the leader, gaff, tag, unhook or release of any fish.

7. The use of harpoons, entangling devices or firearms is prohibited. Use of spotter planes or contact with commercial fishing vessels is prohibited.

8. Team boats may depart from any port within the Bay of Banderas. Once entering the Tournament boundaries during fishing hours boats must remain within the boundaries until “lines out” unless departure is approved by Tournament Control. Fishing hours shall be:

Friday Oct. 28, 2005 – 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday Oct. 29, 2005 – 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All tuna caught or marlin released must occur prior to lines out. All boats intending to weigh tuna must enter the Nuevo Vallarta breakwater by 6:30 p.m. All fish must be weighed the day caught.

9. Tournament radio channel shall be 65. Roll call will be at 8:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day. All fishing boats must monitor ch 65 during Roll call and report activity or lack thereof.

10. Upon marlin hookup a Team must report the following to Tournament Control:

a) Hook up time b) Location

11. The Fishing boundaries shall be 75 nautical miles from Nuevo Vallarta breakwater.

12. Fifteen minutes prior to lines out radio silence with be in effect on ch 65 to enable Teams to communicate.

13. In the event of rough seas or weather, the Tournament may be postponed until conditions permit.

14. Any intent of protesting the violation of Tournament rules must be made in writing to the Tournament Committee on the day of the alleged violation. If there is any disagreement, controversy or necessary clarification of any tournament rules, the final decision will be made in the sole discretion of the Tournament Committee.

15. The Tournament is not responsible for the actions, of any persons in the operation of the boat, conduct of fishing endeavors, transfer of personnel, fishing equipment or personal property on or off boats, docks or otherwise. Each participant assumes all risk and liabilities in connection with their participation and shall sign a waiver attesting thereto.

16. Accepting fish from another boat, live or dead, weighing fish not caught during tournament days or placing any foreign substance/object inside a weighed fish will be grounds for disqualification from the Tournament.

17. Gaffs may not exceed 8 feet in length and ropes attached to any flying gaff head may not exceed 30 feet in length.

18. Circle hooks must be used for all live and dead baits fished.


Tuna must exceed 100lbs to qualify. Upon boating of any tuna over 100lbs a Team member must report catch to Tournament Control. Only three tuna may be weighed in by a Team each day. No penalty shall exist in case a weighed tuna is under 100lbs. The Tournament reserves the right to defer the weighing of any tuna which clearly does not approach the established weights of the three heaviest tuna for the day.


Upon a marlin hookup a Team must report the following to Tournament Control:

a) Hook up time b) Location

Tournament control must be notified upon a successful release or lost fish.

All marlin (black, blue & striped) shall be released unless inadvertently killed during the course of fighting. Reasonable effort must be made to release the fish in good health. In the event a marlin is brought up dead or cannot be revived, the time of release will be considered that of the leader in hand. Any marlin hooked and brought to the boat and leadered in under ten (10) minutes MUST be tagged to qualify. To qualify as a released fish, a photo must be taken with a tournament supplied camera in which the following is reasonably visible:

a) The marlin b) The leader and/or hook c) Portion of the boat next to the fish d) The individual leadering the fish with leader in hand e) The Tournament supplied identification item.

Tag sticks may not exceed 8 feet in length.


Base Purse

Shall be $1,500 of the entry fee for each team.

Tuna Division Payout

52% of the total base purse shall be allocated to the Tuna Division.

Total Tuna Division payout shall be paid as follows:

1) Largest tuna - 30% of Total Base Purse 2) Second Largest – 15% of Total Base Purse 3) Third Largest Tuna – 7% of Total Base Purse

Marlin Division Payout

28% of the total base purse shall be allocated to the Marlin Division. Total Marlin Division payout shall be as follows:

1) Most qualifying Releases - 16% of Total Base Purse 2) Second - 8% of Total Base purse 3) Third - 4% of Total Base purse

In the event of a tie the winner shall be first Team to arrive at the total number of Releases.

REGISTRATION FORM: hunt4giants.com.

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