Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Oct. 22, 2005, Danny Gomez, Dhamar Sportfishing, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

It was a very good week for Steve Massey, Eric, Kurby, from San Diego. It's the second time the super panga got the joy to have real good anglers that Steve Massey brings from San Diego.

We started fishing on Wednesday 19th Oct. with a nice big bull dorado around 60 lb. Then we got 3 nice size skipjacks, and we got the tuna tubes ready to go so, I decided to drop down 2, and two caballitos. We got hit immediately, but the tunas were around 150 lb so no hookup.

Then I say let's put out a nice spread of caballitos. We had good solid hookups. We ended the the day with 5, 100 pound tunas.

The next day we arrived at Corbetena at 8 in morning.

This day was different, big swells and a lot wind, but those tunas were there. We had 2 hookups on tuna of 100 lb each, so I made a pass again with the baits. We hit 2 sails, which we released. And 20 minutes later we hit a nice black marlin on a jumbo skippy. Eric was on the rod. He did a great job this fish, his first marlin. The only problem was the fish got wrapped on the 250 Jinkai, so we put the big black marlin on board. She was 478 lbs.

Fishing on Friday, we had problems with the sailfish grabbing the big baits. They killed 4 skipjacks, so we put small baits out, and we ended up with one nice dorado 50 lbs, and one 123 lbs tuna.

That was this week of fishing at Puerto Vallarta, with nice 86 degree water and a lot a baits on the water. It's going to change and we are going to hit a lot of billfish on the fast troll, simply because they start to migrate, and we will also get dorado, wahoo, and small tunas, but the big ones they will stick in until the new year.

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