Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Nov. 1-2, 2005, Stan Vath, Tinknocker, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

Nov. 1, 2005: We left Puerto Vallarta's Paradise Village Marina at 0400 hours to make bait. The bay was 73 degrees and fishing for bait was impossible. I thought my temperature gauge was broken. We got zero bait and had paid to have bait delivered, but it was not available.

Once we got to the rock we made a couple Skippy’s and some nice jacks. We trolled Skippy’s all morning and Don caught a 51 pound Pargo when we crossed a high spot, his personal best and he joined the 50 pound Pargo Club on Tinknocker.

The next biter was a small Hammerhead Shark, which we released, the only shark we have seen.

The big tuna do not appear to be here at Puerto Vallarta right now, only some schoolies. We headed in to Punta Mita at 1830 hours to anchor for the night and try for bait.

Nov. 2, 2005: We went back out to the rock for another day. We had made some Ladyfish and other baits on the anchor, but not much.

Fishing at the rock we made 3 Skippy’s and some nice jacks and started trolling. It was like a desert out there except for a few Dorado, Marlin and school sized tuna.

We stopped trolling at 1400 hours and put up the kite. The wind was coming from the south at 15 knots or so and the current was running out of the northwest. An unusual scenario for this place.

The fishing water at the rock was 84 degrees.

In about 45 minutes a Monster Black Marlin slashed at the kite bait. He picked it up and hauled ass. I started cranking full speed on the 80 ST and the line came tight quickly after it pulled out of the kite clip. It made a couple of quick jumps and then sounded. The fish was peeling off line easily so I pushed it all the way to strike. It did not even know I was there.

It was headed under the Puerto Vallarta sportfishing boat Marla II and I was worried about their gear but we cleared. I then pushed it to full, 55-60 pounds, and it just kept pulling line.

It almost spooled my 1000 yard reel when it rocked me on a pinnacle. All I got back was a frayed piece of spectra. It was estimated at 750 to 1000 pounds. The side plates were smoking hot and untouchable. I have never seen or felt a fish pull like this!

We kept the kite up until 1700 hours and all we saw was small tuna around. While the big tuna bite is off right now, we know it can start any day. Got back to Puerto Vallarta Marina at 1930 hours.

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