Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Nov. 25, 2005, Danny Osuna, Marla's Sport Fishing, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Fishing Report:

On Nov. 25th, John Stewart and Shirlee Stewart from Lake Hill, Calif., fished at Puerto Vallarta. Their nice catch of the day were 185 pound and a 60 pound tunas onboard the Marla II, with Capt. Danny Osuna, fishing at Roca Corbeteña. The water conditions were nice and flat, with a water temperature of 79 to 81 degrees.

The tunas are coming back again. We saw tunas all day long but these fish are feeding on small bait fish. We did not try to use the big live skippies as bait today because these fish were crazy chasing small bait fish. So we started making some drifts using the kite technique. We made about 4 to 5 drifts before we had a hookup. These fish are really moving, but all around the Roca Corbeteña, they are back.

Fishing out of Puerto Vallarta on Nov. 24th, Mark Olsen of Mill Valley, Calif., caught sailfish, wahoo, tuna, and amberjack on the Marla II at Roca Corbeteña.

Water conditions were beautiful, 79 to 81 degrees.

The first thing in the morning we picked up some nice bait, skipjacks. We loaded up the tuna tubes and we slow troll 2 skippies and 2 small caballitos, looking to catch a marlin or tuna.

We trolled for 4 hours without having a single strike.

We saw the 80 pound to 100 pound tunas breaking, and we decided to drift with some small live bait, caballitos. We set two fly lines and one up in the kite.

In about 1 hour and 1/2 we had so much action, We landed a nice 100 pound sailfish, 30 pound wahoo, 80 pound tuna, and 40 pound amberjack. We also lost a black marlin about 400 pounds, 2 sailfish, 3 tunas and 2 wahoos. Well, these fish are very lucky. They are still swimming out there waiting for somebody more lucky.

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