Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Aug. 4, 2006, Rudy Gonzalez, Slow fishing at Puerto Vallarta, but a wahoo saves the day:

I fished Puerto Vallarta on July 29-31, 2006, and of course when I get there the bite has turned off and is pretty scratchy.

On the first fishing day I made the mistake of going on a budget and got on a fishing party boat. We left late. It was a slow boat, and I didn't realize the run was 19.8 miles. We were only able to reach Isla Marieta and fish El Morro.

We slow trolled dead caballito for 6 large needlefish. I hooked 4 of them and handed my rod over to the girls and let them have fun.

So I learned my lesson and booked a twin engine panga scheduled early and targeting Roca Corbeteña. It was a bit pricey for myself but I wanted to try that area.

The boat was just what I expected, fast and with a serious crew. We arrived before 9 a.m. and conditions were nearly perfect except for the lack of fish: clean blue water, nice weed lines, and floating debris in the surrounding area. We slow trolled live caballitos and picked up a 15-pound yellowtail, 1 25-30 pound pargo, had a triple hookup for toros that pinned all 3 of us to the rail with rods bent and drags singing. They were tough fish at around 25 pounds each.

Then the fishing dried up til about 2 p.m. when the captain decided to go back to the rock and drag some lures. Twenty minutes later a 15 pound wahoo hit a small purple tuna feather. That made my day, for wahoo was one fish I hadn't caught yet and it was at the top my list. I was really surprised to see it come to color. At 3:30 p.m. we hauled butt back to the Puerto Vallarta marina.

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