Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Aug. 12, 2006, Danny Osuna, Marla's Sportfishing, Puerto Vallarta offshore and inshore reports:

Angler Frank Adorno III from San Jose, California and Capt. Danny Gomez had a great fishing day landing a nice 250 pound yellowfin tuna aboard the Marla III with Capt. Alonso Osuna fishing at El Banco in Puerto Vallarta waters. The water conditions were nice flat seas, with a little breeze blowing in the afternoon, nice blue water, with a temperature of 88 degrees.

Alvino Osuna, deckhand, angle Ken Elie from San Francisco, and Capt. Danny Osuna on the charter boat Marla II had a nice catch of dorados fishing 30 miles north of Punta de Mita in Puerto Vallarta waters. The water conditions were nice seas with just a little breeze, with 88 degree blue water.

This week was really good fishing for Capt. Alonso Osuna of the Marla III, landing 2 big yellowfin tuna of 250 pounds and 207 pounds, also sailfish and a lot of roosterfish, jack crevalles and needlefish.

For the Marla II it was a tough week but we had a happy ending. We landed a 275 pound yellowfin tuna and we also caught a lot of dorados, pargos, and rainbow runners.

Capt. Scott Osuna of our Puerto Vallarta charter boat Arca de Noe took a group of free divers for a full week. They had a tough week and did not see much big fish because they were deep, but they speared some pargos, wahoos and rainbow runners. They saw a few big fish but not in the range to shoot them.

But it was still was a good fishing week. We had a lot of marlin action and this weekend the tunas are biting wide open. Next week is going to be super fishing at Puerto Vallarta. All the red crabs are gone and these fish are hungry now and they are really nailing the skippies.

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