Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Sept. 15, 2006, Danny Quinonez, PV Marlin Sportfishing, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

We just back from an 8 hour fishing trip on Friday, Sept. 15th to the El Morro area. Mike Nicole and crew, down from Canada, landed a nice 100 pound Sailfish and a 30 pound Dorado. Two other Sailfish were hooked and missed.

We did an overnight fishing trip on Tuesday, Sept. 12th with Darryl LaRocque and started out fishing at El Banco. There were so many Porpoise we couldn’t keep a Skipjack in the water more than 5 minutes. We did see one Puerto Vallarta boat with a nice Tuna hooked up, but that was it.

We decided to head back to Roca Corbeteña and try some different kind of fishing. We made the right decision. No big Tuna or Marlin were caught, but we did land a bunch of nice Pargo. We were using live Skipjack and the Pargo were going crazy. We lost more in the rocks than we caught, but our rods were constantly bent. Our biggest pargo was a huge 60 pounder.

From there we decided to target the Rainbow Runners and it was hook up after hook up until we ran out of the small baits. The Rainbows were thick out there. On the anchor that night we really had a blast on the jigs. You couldn’t hit bottom before you were hooked up with something, mostly Skipjacks and Jacks and a few small Pargo, but it kept the rods bent most of the night. We put a big Skipjack out on one of the 50 wides and "zzzzz" it took off. It darn near spooled us before it just came off. I love the overnight fishing trips. We call it fish until you drop. You do 2 days of fishing and all night if you have it in you. All in all it was a good trip even if we didn’t land the big Tuna or Marlin.

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