Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Jan. 6, 2007, Josh Temple, Prime Time Adventures, Cow Town, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico:

Signing in from Cow Town, the epic giant yellowfin tuna bite continues unimpeded down here in the Puerto Vallarta fishing vacation area.

This last week anglers visiting Puerto Vallarta have experienced some of the most incredible action on giant yellowfin tuna that we have ever seen or heard of.

Steve Danziger fished with us on Christmas Eve and fished through January 2nd, racking up probably one of the most impressive tuna catch totals ever recorded by a single angler in 5 days of fishing.

Fishing with Puerto Vallarta charter captains Josh Temple and Manny Ocaranza, Steve tallied 8 yellowfin tuna over 200 pounds and up to 275 pounds, and over two dozen other giant tuna from 150 to 199 pounds.

Steve also caught several world class dorado, and sailfish, and managed to release 5 of his 8 giant yellowfin tunas over 200 pounds. He also caught numerous tunas under 100 pounds, but with the fishing the way it was we didn't really keep track of how many fish under 100 pounds we were catching.

January 2nd was likely the best fishing day of Steve's week as he, Jack Casas and Michael Bogart fished with me aboard the 40 Cabo Express charter boat Conquistador and racked up a truly spectacular catch.

While fishing offshore of Puerto Vallarta for just 8 hours the Conquistador managed to land 15 yellowfin tunas from 125 pounds to 275 pounds.

Michael Bogart caught and retained a 250 pounder, Steve Danziger a 205 pounder, and the Conquistador also landed 3 other yellowfin tuna from 170 to 190 pounds.

Steve Danziger also released 2 other giant tunas from 250 to 270 pounds and the three anglers subsequently released a ton of other fish from 100 to 199 pounds. They even let the crew of the Conquistador reel in a bunch of fish! Thanks guys!

Overall the Puerto Vallarta yellowfin tuna bite is just incredible out there. It's very hard to imagine tuna fishing getting any better.

Puerto Vallarta fishing vacation area water temperatures have dropped a bit to 78.5 to 81.6 degrees, and the wind did blow several days last week.

But when you are hammering offshore in a Cabo 40 Express at a cruising speed of 30 knots, the 4 to 6 footers feel like ripples on a pond.

Prime Time Adventures is very excited to have our new Cabo 40 in the Puerto Vallarta sportfishing fleet and we look forward to thousands of successful trips aboard the Conquistador.

Congratulations to all the anglers who have enjoyed this spectacular Puerto Vallarta fishing action. What a way to start off the 2007 season!

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