Rocky Point, Mexico


Rocky Point Sierra Fish Photo 1

ROCKY POINT FISHING--Lloyd Robinette caught these nice early fall sierra during two days of fishing out of Rocky Point on Auditore's boat El Gato Blanco. Photo courtesy Mike Auditore.


Oct. 4, 2004, Mike Auditore, Rocky Point Fishing Trip Report:

Here's my fishing report for Oct 1-2 in Rocky Point. Lloyd Robinette and I fished a half day on Friday and a full day on Saturday.

Friday we put the boat in the water about 1 p.m. Late start because of needed maintenance. We still were able to make high tide. It was a bumpy ride with 4 to 6 ft waves. Fished an hour and a half at a reef 24 miles out. Very slow bite. Only a few croakers and a scorpion fish all caught on squid.

Decided to try Bird Island. The sea calmed down so we went to the Island which was 10 miles away. We trolled blue and silver Yozuris. We caught large and medium sierra at the south end. They were feeding on bait all around us. We could see them jumping out of the water. It was getting late so we ran back into Rocky Point at 38 mph just as the sun was setting. We kept 5 nice Sierra.

The next day the sea was flat as a board. We decided to go to the 51. Made bait at the 10 mile reef. Arrived at 51 two and a half hours before high tide. Dropped anchor two different locations the bite was very slow. So we decided to drift fish and had better luck mostly 3 to 8lb Gold spotted bass. I did hook up to a small bull Dorado about 20lbs at the end of the day. The fish followed our cut bait up from the bottom and I threw a blue and white iron that one of the Dorado went for. It took off and the jumped out of the water and shook the hook out of his mouth. The bite really picked up but we had to leave as it was getting late. We made it back to Rocky Point at sunset with a very smooth ride the whole way back at 40 mph.

Water temp was 78 degrees. We also noticed some strange looking worm like creatures in the water drifting with the current under the boat. I brought one up using the rod tip. They were segmented transparent jelly like bodies with red dots in the middle. They ranged from 3" to 2 ft in lenght and were about a half inch wide. We also spotted two whales. Saturday was as nice as it can get weather wise.

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