Rocky Point, Mexico



June 19, 2005, Arthur Pina, Rocky Point, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

I went fishing at Rocky Point with my friends Curtis, Mike, and Curtis daughter P.J., and like most of the time there, we had a blast.

The all-you-can-eat fish at the Black Dog was great, along with a few cervezas. That was Friday.

On Saturday the 18th at 5:30 A.M. we departed Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) for fishing at the 52 mile reef at a 190 degree heading. It was a little rough so we slowed it down a bit.

At 14 miles out of Rocky Point, we ran into 5 or 6 bait balls with millions of small sardines with mackerel on the bottom. In a few minutes we filled the bait well and off we were to catch some fish.

When we arrived at the reef, there there were a couple of boats already fishing. We proceeded to drift across the reef and started catching estranjeros, some of which went into the 12 to 15 pound area.

I then caught a 15 pound red snapper, the largest I have ever caught. We then started having trouble with hundreds of squids, some as long as 4 footers. Whatever bait you put in, they would grab it and give false hope that it was a fish, and then they would let go.

All together, we caught a few goldspotted bass and 1 nice red snapper. And to top that, like almost always, we were rewarded with a change of seas. It got completely flat so the ride back was just great. We were able to really see the beauty of the Sea of Cortez again. I must say the trip was great, along with all the people we met fishing.

Water temperatures varied from 79.6 to 82.6 degrees. The boat name was Bonus Time, and our fishing depth varied from 275 to 320 feet.

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