Rocky Point, Mexico



Aug. 25, 2005, Jon Kay, Tiburon Charters, Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico:

On August 20, 2005, I headed out fishing at Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) with clients from San Antonio.

The fishing trip was scheduled for the 50 mile reef. We headed out at 0600 and the wind was calm. We ran around for bait, only needing sierra and grunts, which make great grouper bait.

We headed out for fishing with absolutely no wind.

We started fishing around 1030 and began drift fishing. The current was in full moon mode and in Rocky Point we all know what that means. The only way to fish these waters is to use braided line. The reason is that it doesn't float like mono.

We caught nice sardineros and we also caught a lot of goldspotted seabass.

In the afternoon I moved the group over to some real deep water fishing. We headed 2 miles to the west and found 400 feet.

We proceeded to catch snowy grouper which I have caught there before.

All in all, it was a nice 50-mile fishing day out of Rocky Point.

Fishing out of Rocky Point on August 21, 2005, I had another 50-mile group. The day started the same. No wind and hot. We caught bait for about an hour and headed south. Usually the further south you go from Rocky Point, the calmer the water, but this day proved to be opposite.

I decided to troll early because the swells and heat were little much for the clients, and the wind and tide were opposing forces.

I set out a nice spread of 5 lines and within minutes we were catching our first dorado of the day. That kept happening for about an hour. We also caught a lot of bonita which have made the 50 their home for about 5 weeks now. In the latter part of the day we bottom fished and caught a nice Sardinero grouper. We lost more than we caught due to the lack of experience with circle hooks. Again another great Rocky Point fishing day at the 50.

The total catch for the two days was 6 grouper, 6 dorado, 4 bonita, 30 Gold spotted Sea Bass, and one croaker. The bait was found at the 16 mile reef, which were Sierra and Grunts. On Saturday I took 5 people. On Sunday I took 4 people.

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