Rocky Point, Mexico



Aug. 29, 2005, Jon Kay, Tiburon Charters, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico Fishing Report:

We had another great weekend of fishing in Rocky Point.

Fishing on Saturday, we headed out of Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) at 4:30 in the morning. We went to the 16 mile reef south of Rocky Point and realized as soon as the sun was coming up that the water was turning bad.

We decided to head back to Rocky Point in hope the next day would be the opposite.

Sunday was beautiful. We headed out of Rocky Point at 8:30 in the morning. Again, I went to the 16 mile reef and caught grunts and small grouper which are red and brown. I kept these for bait. The reason I did that is one day we were fishing at the 50 mile reef, and we ran out of bait. Earlier in the day we caught one of these red groupers on a sabiki, and I kept it for later identification. I decided to drop this bait and see what would happen. No sooner did the grouper bottom, and we were hooked up with a 30 pound pinto bass. So I kept the small grouper again.

We stopped 30 miles out because I noticed lots of flying fish around. We began trolling and immediately caught some nice skipjack tuna.

Ten minutes later we hooked up with a nice dorado which screamed line off the 20 pound outfit I was using. We trolled for about three hours with lots of luck. In the later part of the day we bottom fished in 280 feet and caught nice sardinero groupers on the red grouper and large scampi jigs in the glow-in-the dark color. All in all a great Rocky Point fishing day. Information, 520-977-1255,

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