Rocky Point, Mexico



Sept. 24, 2005, Mike Auditore, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

We had kind of a slow day, fishing 50 miles south of Rocky Point.

I had three anglers with me, and we fished for about three-and-a-half hours.

We caught a total of four fish.

Two of the fish were real good eating Sea of Cortez Halibut. One was close to twenty pounds. The other was about 12 pounds. We caught the fish on the drift. I spent a lot of time trying to anchor up on a good spot with no luck. The one time I did, we dropped lines too soon and they got caught in the anchor rope when we swang around with the current. I had to pull up and try again.

The other two fish we caught on this Rocky Point fishing trip were Gold Spotted Bass. We used cut bait, Sierra, and whole dead macks that I had caught two months ago. We had several hard strikes but were not able keep them on the hook.

We did see a large school of peanut Dorado swim up to the boat, but they were not interested in biting anything.

On the way out of Rocky Point we also saw quite a few flying fish with small Dorado chasing them.

While we were anchored up, a large fishing trawler steamed right at us. I thought that they were going to ram us. So we quickly pulled up lines and the anchor and motored out of their way. The ship stopped and we went over to see what's up. They wanted to know if we were catching anything. I asked them the same and they said they were having a slow fishing day also.

They were from Rocky Point and after some more talking they headed off towards San Felipe. Anyway it was a very calm hot Rocky Point fishing day out on the ocean.

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