Rocky Point, Mexico



Oct. 24, 2005, Mike Auditore, El Gato Blanco, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico Fishing Report:

I and Hap Balmes left the Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) harbor about 9:15 a.m. on Oct. 22nd. The water was nice 1-2 foot chop, then it changed to flat about 20 miles out of Rocky Point.

We tried to make bait with little success. We caught 5 sandbass a couple of Lizardfish and one Sardine in about 45 minutes.

We motored out another 40 miles south of Rocky Point. On my fishing spot was a small boat that I have seen out there before which is owned by locals. As we came alongside, they were hand lining in a large black sea bass.

I tried to drop anchor a few times, but it did not hold and we would drift into either their boat or the Arca de Noe that showed up and set anchor next to the Mexican boat. After the third try, we ended up about 50 feet from the Arca De Noe. We dropped lines with cut Sierra that we bought from the fish market. I got slammed by a huge fish but soon lost it, as it got off the hook. Hap reeled in a 3 pound Gold Spotted bass.

I decided to change my fishing rig to a new setup, with a 16/0 circle hook, because the 14/0 was a little on the dull side. We both dropped down and wham, I hooked onto a huge fish and this one did not get away. I fought this thing for about 20 minutes. It almost pulled me overboard twice.

During the fight, Hap hooks up on a huge fish. My fish pops up, and it is a 200 pound plus Black Sea Bass.

Hap put his rod in a rod holder and helps me pull this thing in the boat. It was so heavy that it took three tries and we got it in the boat with both of us falling down on the deck with the fish. I wish somebody had a video because it was something to see.

Hap went back to fighting his fish and he lands a Black, 177 pounds. We both had to take a break and drink a beer.

The Mexican boat pulled in another Black Sea Bass, as we took a break.

Ten minutes later we dropped down and wham, another double hookup with huge fish. It was like Black Sea Bass everywhere.

The Arca de Noe had several break-offs. They were using the wrong setups.

I landed another black sea bass about 50 pounds, which I released. I was surprised how fast he went back down.

Hap in the meantime was fighting a monster. He ended up landing another Black Sea Bass around 165 pounds. We had both fish boxes full and decided to call it a fishing day.

As we were leaving, the other fishing boats asked for our bait as we had plenty left over. We only dropped down 6 times. So we gave away about 10 Sierra.

Later that night, we met up with the guys from the Arca de Noe, and they had managed to get one Black about 150 pounds. They told us that the Mexican fishing boat ended up with 5 Blacks and planned to sell them to the fish market for $700.

We kept one fish and traded or gave away the rest. I fried up small pieces last night and and was great tasting fish! What a great day on the water!

Sea conditions off Rocky Point were calm, with a water temperature of 80 degrees, and we were fishing in 277 feet of water.

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