Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Mexico



Jan. 22, 2006, Dave Kyle, Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Mexico Panga Mothership Erik Fishing Trip Report:

About my fishing trip on the Erik last October, do you remember the hurricane that came up the Baja California peninsula on the Pacific side at that time? That was the week we were in the Sea of Cortez!

The water was calm when we left Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) to cross over but quickly got rough when we got into open water. A lot of people got sick including me! We lost about a day and a half of fishing because of the wind. Overall we had a good time on the trip. The food was good and we caught a lot of fish considering the weather.

I was paired up with two guys from England who brought their own gear which was quite different from ours. We had a good time together and one of them had a great sense of humor.

The first day the panguero told us to use MirrOlures which we did. Nothing happened.

After 30 minutes or so, I switched to the world famous "Pink Panties" Skirted-Squid from The Baja Catch. Within 3 to 4 minutes after putting my line back in the water I got a hit and boated a nice size Dorado!

The Brits switched to squids but none rigged like The Baja Catch. We tried MirrOlures a couple more times that week but some of them did not run true and with 3 lines out we had some tangles.

The panguero tried to adjust them but we still had problems. We did take some fish with them, but I stayed with the Skirted Squids and outfished the Brits about 3-4 to one for the week.

We had some motor problems on our panga twice and once had to have a tow back to the Erik; fortunately there was another panga near us.

Gustavo Velez told me the long story about his new boat he hopes to put in service this year. If he does, I told him I'd like to fish with again, but, depart out of San Felipe! That's a long open water run from Rocky Point straight down the Cortez to Isla de la Guarda!

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