Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Mexico



June 3, 2006, Mike Auditore, Arca de Noe, mystery fish catch out of Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Mexico:

This report is for fishing at Rocky Point on June 3, 2006. I fished on LLoyd Robinett's boat Arca de Noe.

We left the harbor at Rocky Point at 8 a.m. in calm flat seas. On board was Lloyd, Hap and Sandy Balmes, and myself.

We went out on a heading of 210 degrees for 10 miles in search of bait, but all we could find was a few small rock bass and small wrasse. We moved around and picked up two small Sierra and a few Lizardfish.

We then headed south on the 180 degree heading and stopped for bait fishing only to find the same results except for a very strange looking fish with large wing like pectoral fins and a Pufferfish-shaped body. This fish was caught on the bottom about 100 feet deep. We did not find any Mackerel or Sardines.

We decided to head south another 40 miles to fish with the bait we had on board including some squid. When we reached our waypoint we found a boat on top of it and had to anchor 100 feet to the north of the spot.

Fishing was slow but we did land about 6 nice Goldspotted Bass. The current was running pretty strong and it was hard to keep the bait on the bottom. So we decided to drift fish and we picked up a few more Goldspotted Bass, and also the anchor line of the other boat.

After that I suggested we head out to the 53 mile reef and drift there. This spot is close to 400 feet deep. On the first drop Sandy Bales caught a 27 pound White Seabass. The rest of us caught Goldspotted Bass and some kind of red and gold fish probably in the bass family. Lloyd also caught a 5 pound Whitefish. It was about 4 p.m. when we headed for port at Rocky Point in flat seas. The water temperatures were at 79.9 degrees.

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