Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Mexico



Feb. 10, 2007, Ollie Peltier, boat Dos Borrachos, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico:

I'm not sure what's going on with the fishing here in Puerto Peñasco, but it sure seems like the fish have a case of lockjaw.

Fishing with me today were my brother, Jim Peltier, Bobby Jackson and Larry "Bubba" Rice.

We launched the Dos Borrachos at Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) this morning, Saturday, the 10th, at 8:30 a.m. in calm seas.

We decided to go to the 43 mile reef which is on a heading of 180 degrees. The water temperature was 61-62 degrees. The tide change today was just after noon.

We arrived at the reef at approximately 10:00. We all baited up with squid and small sea trout. I immediately got slammed and had a difficult time getting the fish off of the bottom. I finally got it turned and got it about halfway to the surface when it got off the hook.

We continued to fish the reef for several hours and only picked up 6 nice goldspotted bass and one "rabbit" fish.

I decided to go over to the 41 mile reef which was about nine miles west of our location.

Upon arrival I set up a drift over some nice looking fish. After a few minutes, Jim got hung on the bottom so he cleated his line off while we continued to fish. After 20 minutes of no action we brought our lines in. About that time Jim's line came loose and he started to bring it up. To our astonishment, he had something pulling back. After a few minutes, he boated a nice 25 pound spotted cabrilla, or pinta.

We decided to make one more drift and Bob hooked into a nice fish. After a short fight, Bob boated a nice 19 pound sardinera, or leopard grouper.

We headed in to Rocky Point at 2:30 and while enroute, saw 4 or 5 huge finback whales. One of them was within 100 feet of our boat.

We arrived back in Puerto Peñasco at 4:30. At the harbor, we learned that no one else had a productive day.