San Carlos, Mexico



May 26, 2005 Bob Blair, Fishing San Carlos, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico Fishing Report:

The "Too Much Fun" went fishing out of San Carlos yesterday and caught some nice dorado, the biggest being 30 pounds. Through radio traffic, a lot of boats got into the dorado about 10 miles out on the 212. I know "Sarah Rose," "Foghorn," and "Black Shark" got their limits, and "Trivial Pursuit" got dorado as well as a blue and a black marlin marlin. The black being about 250 pounds.

I was invited by the Conapesca of Mexico and the state of Sonora to a meeting representing the new laws on sport fishing (conapesca). There probably were 30 people in the audience and my wife and I were the only gringos. For the first 30-45 minutes the director of Conapesca for Mexico got up and went over new laws, etc. I got most of it because he talked slow and I could pick out a few words. The Mexican government understands completely about the $$$$$ that sport fishing brings to this country. After he talked, he then asked for questions from the audience. Then the Spanish came rapid fire and I was lost.

But the main talker kept saying gringos and Americanos and I thought "oh s - - t," but then a gentleman that was also in the audience came back to me and with perfect English and no accent told me what they were talking about. They too did not like the long lines. They told the director of Conapesca that it doesn't make any difference how many times you change the laws you DON'T HAVE ANYBODY TO ENFORCE THEM!

This what the Mexicans were saying as well. The people in attendance then formed their own committee and had representatives from Rocky Point, Kino Bay, San Carlos (me), and 5 Lakes in the state of Sonora. The lakes too are tired of the gill nets all over these lakes and nobody to enforce those rules also.

They asked me if I would be interested in representing this area's sport fishermen to try to come up with a way to raise money to pay for the inspectors. I accepted. The whole reason for the committee is to raise money from all over the state of Sonora to pay for the inspectors to get the long lines out of here and the gill netters out of the fresh water. Hope it works. The Mexicans want them out of here too. I think everybody is on the right track except the government.

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