San Carlos, Mexico



June 3, 2005, Roy Schwartz, San Carlos, Mexico Fishing Report:

I fished May 27 and 31. The first day fishing out of San Carlos it was pretty bumpy but we made it out 32 miles at 220 degrees. When it's rough it's tough to spot the longlines until you're right up on top of 'em, especially when they're marked with clear 2 liter plastic coke bottles. It was without question the most longline activity I've seen so far. On that day we got hung up on 3 longlines and got 3 dorado.

A 50/50 day! Luckily we were running slow enough that the lines never got into the props. A clip of a current kept the longlines tight as a guitar string so all we did was step down on the swim platform and cut the longline. One of the leaders got hooked on one of my trim tabs and I cut a section of longline on both ends of the leader and then worked it loose so no birds nest.

The next day of fishing weather at San Carlos was smooth and we elected to go to Isla Tortuga off Santa Rosalia for a troll and dive day. We caught 7 dorado, couple good size with 1 to 35 pounds. We dove Tortuga, ran back 15 miles to blue water, Tortuga is in green water right now, and started trolling again. We got plenty of marlin strikes and saw a bunch. Then we hit a 175 pound Black and 15 minutes into the fight we had one, and then the other engine, stall. I think there's a short on my boat because we got nothing on the key when we turned.

Luckily it was smooth. I got on the radio and raised Anacron (I think that's how it's spelled) and he was trying to get a boat out to us. He tried to get the Mex Coast Guard and Navy out of Santa Rosalia, etc., etc. I was pretty certain all we needed was a jump and a follow in. Then, after being on the radio with him a couple of times we no longer heard anything from him but we got connected to Rescue One out of Kino Bay. They actually sent someone out to give me a part to get me going 13 years ago.

Rescue One tried unsuccessfully to get a boat out to us.

The bottom line is there is no established system for sea rescue out of San Carlos even with 2 marinas and hundreds of boats, or even Guaymas.

Anyhow, during all this the Black Marlin had wrapped himself in the leader and drowned as my patient buddy reeled him in. In all the years in San Carlos I've never killed a billfish. This one I carved around 40 or so pounds off of to see how it tastes and let the rest go. I had no cooler space and I had other priorities at the time.

So, at around 6:00 we tried 1 engine 1 last time. It turned just a little...and caught. I jumped the other as I had the boat set up on isolated circuits and the running motor had a good alternator so I was able to start the other motor. We got in at 8:00 in the dark. Exciting day but disappointed about the lack of an emergency system.

Overall the fishing was good but I pulled my boat home just the same. It's been a good run and good luck with the authorities clamping down on the longliners. It is disappointing about the longlines operating with impunity & the complete absence of an Emergency Response System out of San Carlos or Guaymas.

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