San Felipe, Mexico


Papa Fernandez Photo 1

AT ISLA WILLARD--Bret Hambrick fished with Ken Jones at Isla Willard and scored on a big variety of species, including this nice corvina. Photo courtesy Ken Jones.


Oct. 18, 2004, Ken Jones, Papa Fernandez, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

My friend Bret Hambrick and I finally made it down to Papa Fernandez last tues-sat with our 12-foot boat, new line on our reels, and a "bit" of beer.

Wind was not a problem and the sea was mostly calm all three days we were on the water. In The Baja Catch is mentioned the horrible campground over the hill from Papa Fernandez proper, but if you take a small road to the left of that, it takes you out onto a really nice area that is great for secluded camping.

Papa Fernandez Fishing report: As many Triggers as one wanted to catch were everywhere. A silver Krocodile by itself would often catch them and a silver Kroc with a piece of squid was a Trigger a cast.

Bay Bass as usual hit just about anything.

Sierra were plentiful off the points and trolling with blue or green Rapalas and Yozuris...ranging in size from 2 pound to 6 pounds. They were also hitting silver Krocs and spoons.

Barracuda hitting everything that moved trolling and casting...double hook up on an orange small Yozuri.

Green Jacks were hitting hard in the small bay just north of the southern tip of Isle San Luis...a trout pole and 8 pound test was a kick for these guys and the occasional Trigger that would send the pole tip into the water.

A few small Yellowtail hit blue Rapalas in the channels but did not seem active.

A few Corvina including a nice one trolling off of the northwest side of Isla Willard. While dropping bait for the heck of it between Isla San Luis and the shore, we hit some Sand Sharks (?) that pushed us and the boat around a bit but were great fun...all were thrown back...

A great great time on the (finally) calm Cortez.

Finally, JUST when I thought I had the coyotes at bay with food and water stealing, along comes some birds that stole our chips, tortillas, bread, and poked holes in everything that could get their beaks on...if nothing else, Baja is a continual learning experience.

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