San Felipe, Mexico



Dec. 2, 2004, Robert Everett, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Fishing Report:

I went down to San Felipe for Thanksgiving and fished off the rocks at the harbor with very windy conditions. Sunday morning, I walked out to the end of the San Felipe harbor and started casting silver spoons. I caught several very small cabrilla, a couple of medium size sierra, and a 6-pound corvina. It seemed like the minute the tide started going out they quit

I talked to some San Felipe anglers who had been out in the bay. They had done well on sierra and cabrilla, but nothing of any size.

The San Felipe panga shrimpers are starting to catch those big shrimp again, but still aren't coming in with very large counts. According to my San Felipe neighbor down there, they are averaging about 20 to 30 kilos per trip out. He said normally this time of year they average 60 to 80.

Monday night, I was out in the front yard barbecuing when my neighbor came in from shrimping. He yelled over for me to come see what he had and it was another big mako shark head. This is the third one this year he has caught that seemed to be 10-plus feet long. The heads are big enough to easily stick a football in the mouth. He says they go into his nets to eat the shrimp and fish that are caught, so he beats them with a boat paddle until he feels they're safe to bring in. Some of those panga fisherman are some tough hombres.

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