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Dec. 13, 2004, Tim Farwell, Campo la Costilla, Baja California, Mexico Fishing Trip Report:

I fished Playa Campo la Costilla on Thanksgiving, wide-open for Bass and a few Triggerfish. They were even hitting just the leadheads.

At Campo la Costilla we camped at the first palapa and the conditions were great. There were no other campers, but there were about 5 families there with kids staying in the bluff homes. Camping was $8/USD a day including shower and toilet. We made a deal at $7/day since we were self-contained.

There were many Gringo boats being launched from the Campo la Costilla bay. One fella nearly lost his truck to a fast rising tide but another home owner saved the day quickly.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to fish on another fella's boat for our last afternoon there. The wind had already picked up and we headed to the first point south outside Campo la Costilla bay. The trip was about three minutes. We fished in 20 feet of water and picked up fish on every drop.

I started with a twin tail plastic and it soon turned to a green leadhead that even more quickly turned into just a leadhead. The fish hit EVERYTHING! The largest was a 6-pound Bass and a 4-pound triggerfish. We did the same drift a few times and then tried the other side of the bay. The wind was now a solid 15 knots and rising. No more bites for the day. The skipper of the boat said this was standard for the day, and every day!

I'm looking to upgrade my Baja skiff. I have a friend selling a 13.5 Gregor with a bait tank built in. My 12-foot Sea Nymph will be for sale if you know anyone looking for a small aluminum skiff. All extras included!

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