San Felipe, Mexico



Jan. 16, 2005, Catalina Meders, Title Company Bookstore, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico:

In San Felipe for the second day now, after a really wet, cold windy spell, it is gorgeous. The temperature was about 54 degrees earlier, but is rising rapidly. Out on the balcony it's actually HOT, and the water temperature is about 56 degrees. (There are no swimmers yet). The humidity is at 44% and supposedly yesterday's high was 62 degrees, but it felt much hotter than that. The sky is absolutely cloudless and tropical blue, a perfect day.

There is a crime wave in San Felipe going on right now which is very scary. It involves GUNS and holdups. The police are concentrating heavily on this one and hopefully will get the situation cleared up very shortly. However, people need to exercise CAUTION and stay ALERT, especially when returning home at night.

February and Carnival are almost upon us. Carnival starts February 4. I am looking forward, as I do every year, to the most creative parade in the world. It is hard to believe what is possible with tin foil and duct tape!

The bay is sapphire blue and so shiny it's hard to look at today. The sea looks so benign it is very difficult to realize that this same mild water can wreak such destruction as it did recently in Indonesia. There is a large lesson there. Until next time, vaya con Dios, from the book store by the bay.

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