San Felipe, Mexico



Feb. 26, 2005, Catalina Meders, Title Company Bookstore, San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico Town Report:

Hola from San Felipe where (miraculously) the sun has been out for the BAJA 250. The racers may love mud because it keeps the dust down and they can SEE where they are going, but it would have made for a dismal check-in day if it had been raining here at San Felipe.

Today, it's 76 degrees here on the balcony in the sun and about 64 degrees in the shade. The humidity is 62% and the water in San Felipe bay is still cold enough to keep people from swimming.

Yesterday the San Felipe malecon was absolutely jammed with people and race vehicles. The hot dog guy next to my booth simply did not have enough hands to keep up with all the tasks he had to perform, although he did a yeoman's job. But there was never a moment when there wasn't a crowd around his really nifty, compact cart.

Someone said they are predicting 15,000 people at San Felipe today for the race itself and judging from the crowds yesterday I'm sure that's true. Interestingly enough I found out that two of the actual drivers today are women...YOU GO GIRLS! The main drag through San Felipe is apparently very slow going, since the race begins and ends up at the arches. Somebody just came in and told me that there is one lane open and that the traffic is practically at a standstill, not that it's any surprise. This happens every year, although this is a huge San Felipe race this year, one of the biggest ever.

The raft I mentioned last week is still under construction on the beach, right now David is working on a new kind of jacking system. I hope to get a picture of it soon. Well, the helicopters are flying overhead, and the sky is sunny so all is contento in this small seaside town. Until next time, vaya con Dios from the San Felipe bookstore by the bay.

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